Porridge Run


Porridge Run

by Authumnder

[Jeong Yein & Jeon Jungkook]

rating teenager | genre comedy, fluff-au | length ficlet.

“Please do a porridge run for me.”

“I can’t even move my legs,” Yein grunted.


She made an annoyed face. “I said I can’t even move my legs. And I’m so hungry. And do you even know that I’m laying alone in my bed without my family because they’re currently on vacation and the reason why I didn’t join them was because we have exams tomorrow?”

The boy on the other line sighed in an excessive way. “Okay, so you’re alone, hungry, and your legs, I don’t know, don’t work like they used to before?” He sang the last words (okay, in case you didn’t get it, the last words were stolen from Ed Sheeran’s song).

Ya, Jeon Jungkook, can you please stop being so stubborn for a minute? You make my headache worse!”

There was a brief pause before Jungkook replying, “Fine, Jeong Yein, what do you want me to do?”

Yein let out a squeal of triumph. “So you’re going to do everything as I say?” she ensured, then quickly added before Jungkook could change his mind. “Please buy me something to eat. I’m so hungry right now I can die anytime.”

Jungkook managed to mumble a ‘tsk‘ before turning his phone off.


After half an hour, Yein started doubting if Jungkook was actually going to come. Okay, maybe Jungkook forgot where he put his wallet, and now he had to search all over his house to find it. Or, he could’ve gotten lost on his way to Yein’s house—stupid conclusion.

Yein was about to start crying by herself because her cold, apparently, was going to kill her when someone knocked on her door. Finally.

“Just get in!” she shouted when the knocking sounds continued.

Now, after getting in, Jungkook finally realised how bad Yein’s condition was. First, her long hair was disheveled; second, her pajama’s looked as if it just came out from the washing machine; third, there were clumps of tissue everywhere.

“You look—”

Before Jungkook could complete his sentence, Yein already jumped in. “Awful? Terrible? Horrible?

Hearing his girlfriend’s sarcastic tone, Jungkook grinned. “You look amazing, so damn pretty until I can’t—”

“Stop, just stop right there,” Yein glared. “Now, instead of wasting your time by saying some nonsense shit, where’s my food?”

Jungkook lifted his right hand, showing Yein what he was holding. “You caught a cold, right?”

She nodded, staring at the plastic bag curiously. “What’s that?” Yein asked, silently hoping that the bag was containing spicy rice cake or gimbap.

Wearing his most annoying smile, Jungkook answered, “Porridge.”


“What did you expect?” Jungkook giggled. “You said you’re sick, right? And porridge is best for curing cold,”

“No, you did not,” Yein shook her head, while trying to control her emotion right now. She took a deep breath and let it out, trying to calm herself. But, apparently, her attempt was—



Instead of fearing Yein’s wrath, Jungkook laughed uncontrollably.  Still laughing, he started unpacking the plastic bag, replacing the lumpy porridge from its plastic to the bowl he’d brought before. Done with his work, Jungkook handed it to Yein. “Just eat this,” he said, finally.

If Jeon Jungkook said something with that tone, then the people he was talking to had no choice except to do what that boy had ordered. Yes, that was how much Jeon Jungkook affected people.

Accepting the bowl, Yein murmured an ‘I hate you‘. After a few minutes, she finally done with that ‘nasty’ porridge. Handing the empty bowl again to Jungkook, she hissed, “I want to throw up,”

“Don’t,” Jungkook immediately responded, heading out of the room.

“Where are you going?”

No answer, Jungkook probably still busy with whatever-he-was-doing, clearly ignoring Yein’s question.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She yelled.

Still no answer.

“Fine,” she shrugged, deciding not to think about it anymore. Jeon Jungkook could do everything he wanted in her house. Plus, the after effect of eating had came: she started feeling sleepy.

But before she could laying down again, Jungkook came back, this time bringing a plate. Her curiosity came back, especially after seeing Jungkook’s sly smile.

“What is that?” She asked, since Jungkook wouldn’t come closer to show her what he was holding, and she was far too ill to get up and take a look.

That annoying smile still remained in Jungkook’s face as he stepped backwards.

Ah, really! Stop teasing me!”

Jungkook laughed, decided that it wasn’t the right time to joke around, so he stepped forward, letting Yein see what he was trying to hide.

“PIZZA!” Yein started screaming the second she realised what was on the plate. Her right hand automatically reaching out for a slice of pizza, but, of course, Jeon Annoying Jungkook wouldn’t let that happen easily.

“I will never give my food to someone who hates me,” he drawled.

“Fine.” Yein coughed, remembered what she’d said to him when he was giving her the porridge’s bowl. “Jeon Jungkook, I like you so much for doing a porridge run for me—no, I’m so grateful that you’re my boyfriend and…”

“I like you too.” He cut her, smiling.


finished: 17:49 | October 10, 2015. 

(a/n): aslinya gak pede ngepost ini tapi berhubung udah jadi… ya sudahlah. anyway maakan buat ke-ooc-annya. aku cuma lagi naksir ini pairing. terus maafkan juga english mblenyeknya apalah aku ini dibandingin mas namjun yang speak fluent english. :’) makasih ya yang udah baca luv luv luv.

2 thoughts on “Porridge Run

  1. Chingu kangen ff cindewhorella kamu 😢😢 kapan d post kelanjutannya penget banget happy end kyuyoungnya 😂….percaya apa engga aku selalu bolak balik KSI cuma pengen tau ff kamu udah dipost apa belum…..aku nunggu bangeeeet 😭😭
    Apapun itu kesibukan mu semoga masih ada waktu buat publish ff cindewhorella yaaa…😂


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