Pink Ocean

pink ocean

Pink Ocean

Teen Top’s Changjo & Oh My Girl’s Hyojung

short story! fluff all the way!


“I sometimes forgot you’re younger than me,”

“Understandable.” He answered succinctly.

“I’m serious.”

“Me too.”

“You’re starting to annoy me.”

He smiled very briefly, as if trying to show how he didn’t even care about their stupid discussion. “You annoy the hell out of me too, anyway.”

She nodded. “I know and I’m glad.”


“Anyway, Changjo,” she said again, this time adding a smile at the end of her words. “I still don’t find it amusing when you’re treating me like a child.”

Changjo protested, “But you are a child.”

“Well, I’m still older than you.” Hyojung, the girl in her late teenager’s age (she turned 21 this year), declared. “So if I’m a child, then you’re a baby.”

“If so, then I guess I am your baby, right? I remembered that time when you were still in relationship and–“

“That’s enough,” she cut in, eyes blazed with annoyance. “And my ex was cute back then, so he’s allowed to call me baby, but you’re not.”

“Of course I’m not cute. I am hot.”

“Whatever make you happiest.” Hyojung snapped while holding back a smile. “I’m hungry.”

A grin flashed on Changjo’s face. “I don’t know why you said that since you’re the one who’s supposed to cook anyway.”

“That is sexist.”

“Fine, I’ll make something for you,” he got up slowly and reluctantly. “…Just don’t blame me if I set your kitchen on fire.” With that, he left the living room, sniggering.

Upon hearing that, Hyojung got up from her sleeping position too, exclaiming, “I’m gonna do exactly the same to your kitchen if you do that!”

Laughter from the kitchen could be heard, signaling how Changjo was actually fooling around. He stepped back so Hyojung could see his figure again, saying, “Now that you’re already up, help me!

At the end of the night, when Changjo was putting on his sweater, Hyojung said, “Hey, Changjo, eventhough you are very annoying and hard to put up with–I still don’t regret my decision on breaking up with my ex and accepting your undying love for me.”

He couldn’t help but grin, “Believe me when I say this, Hyojung,” he vocalized, “…you are irritating and exasperating, too. Now kiss me and then we can say goodbyes to each other before I decide to just stay.”

She smacked him and then laughed.


“Come to think of it, you are very short, Hyojung.”

“Shut up.”

“Like, really really short.”

“I said shut the hell up, Choi Jonghyun.” She gave him a glare before continuing what she was doing. Commenting on everything was typical Changjo, and Hyojung guessed she got used to it. It still annoyed her, though.

“Someone told me short peoples tend to be easily angered. Now I guess that’s true.”

“You’re not really tall yourself anyway,” Hyojung attacked back, finally. “I bet your height doesn’t even reach 180 centimeters.”

Changjo smiled halfheartedly.

“Looking at your face right now, I guess I’m right, right?” she snickered. “Now shut up and do what you’re supposed to do, shortie.

“Hey! I’m not that short to be called shortie!” He objected loudly, but she ignored him and kept laughing.


finished: 21:19 | April 06, 2016.

I love imagining fictitious couple’s convo haha i’m very delusional. also i thought teen top’s changjo and oh my girl’s hyojung would look good together so here i am making these lol. if you are reading this then thank you! ♡♥♡♥♡♥

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